Cycle 29km (turbo) & Th’ Faith Healers

PM. Cycle 29k (Turbo 1h01) HR: 136(145) 83% Z2

Still a bit snotty, so settled for something indoors and steady – an hour on the turbo trainer seemed to fit the bill. Hopefully I’ll be well enough to get some proper cycling done over the xmas break.

Had a bit of a nostalgic feeling for Th’ Faith Healers. Gutted to discover recently that they had a bit of a renunion mini tour in April 2006 to promote the release of their Peel Session CD, and I missed it. Possibly the best noisy/multimedia experience I ever had. I saw them at the Jericho Tavern in 1993-ish, it just blew me away. Nostalgia, eh?

Unofficial fan site, including some nice pics
Myspace site, which has some downloadable sounds