Rest day – Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Rest day

I could probably have squeezed a bit of a jog in at lunchtime, but I’m quite busy at work today and my lower legs feel a bit sore. Late night last night too.

Great Penguin Cafe gig last night, some unrehearsed and random bits, but that’s half the charm of it ;-) It was just magic when they launched into Air á Danser as their first song. Looking forward to going again tonight. The Union Chapel is also such a great venue for this type of concert. I took a few camera phone pics, but they weren’t very good, it’s too dark. Might go back with my compact tonight.

I was surprised to find there’s quite a bit of YouTube footage of them, looks as though some of it comes from a 1989 BBC performance. If I had to pick a favourite, it’d probably be Perpetuum Mobile, but it’s hard to choose! Here’s a sample (Music For a Found Harmonium) Simon Jeffes is the nodding guitarist with glasses: