Run 12½km & “Control” & Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Lunchtime. Run 12½k/57 steady easy, HR 146(157)

Stiff achilles and shins, probably a consequence of getting wet and cold on Sunday.

This was a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, the cinematography is good but the story isn’t told well. It could have done with a bit of a re-write or some re-editing to make it snappier perhaps. I liked that Ian listens to the stuff that I listened to as a kid, there’s Bowie, Kraftwerk and The Velvet Underground (although I wasn’t much of an Iggy Pop fan), and that he mentions Apocalypse Now, which also made a huge impression on me – I can remember rushing back from seeing it and waking up a housemate to tell them about it!
There are some great “filmic” moments, e.g. when Ian walks away from a tower block and a blackbird flies up through the shot – you can tell that Anton Corbijn started out as a photographer. Despite the film’s shortcomings the gig scenes more than make up for this. Oh man, they’re just *Electric*. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck just to hear those songs played that way again and Sam Riley *is* Ian Curtis for those few moments. Utterly brilliant. For that alone, I’m going to try to see the film again in the cinema, soon.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Not much in a minor key here… I’m off to see them at the Union Chapel, Islington, tonight. When I saw they were going to re-form to play some gigs 10 years after Simon Jeffes died, I couldn’t wait to go. I think I found the announcement through this music blog: The Farnsworth paradox…, but I’m not sure how I got there, maybe through Urban75. Anyway, they announced two nights, tonight and tomorrow and I got tickets for both nights (I’m taking Jules tomorrow). Those sold out and they subsequently added a third date on Thursday and although I *could* go, I’ve got a rather busy weekend and could probably do with a quieter evening in (not that I’m obsessed, or anything…).
I was introduced to this band back in the mid-80s. Their music’s been used all over the place, but the first time I saw it as a film soundtrack was for the film “Malcolm” a very funny Australian film which was originally aired on Channel 4. I had it on video for ages and used to entertain visitors with it, but I think I’ve taped over it now.
Anyway, I finally got to see the PCO in about 1994, also at the Union Chapel. It was one of the best gigs I ever went to, so I have high hopes for tonight. I’m so excited I doubt I’ll get much useful work done this afternoon :-)