Cycle 97k. Club run to Thame

Cycle 97k. 3h30, HR 134av(166max) 59% Z1/2

Club run to Thame, led by me.

It wasn’t raining when I pulled back the curtains this morning, so there was no excuse not to go out on the run. We had about 14 riders at Martyr’s Memorial, quite a good turnout considering the forecast. It started raining as we crossed over the ring road, and for the next hour or more it was bouncing down and very cold with it. With a few people keen to get a move on the pace was high, although we were continually having riders drop off the pace and Claire and a very keen OUCC rider were never to be seen again after we left the chaingang route.

At the top of the headwind climb out of Ludgershall, Mark W called it a day. After crossing the A41 for the first time a couple of riders stopped to change gloves and there was a bit of a split. I was starting to get ominous signs that I’d be losing contact with my hands – my fingers were already numb, and I was getting shooting pains up my forearms. Fortunately the split gave me a chance to work hard with Steve and drag the rest of us back across the gap until we were almost at the foot of the next hill, up out of Waddesdon to Upper Winchendon.

After re-grouping at the top, we got to the next left turn where Nige, Chris and Corin headed straight on & the remainder of us turned left. It had stopped raining and the strong wind seemed to be breaking up the clouds a bit. I led what was left of the bunch into the wind to Thame, although there were some tired legs from the fast early pace and we had some flooded roads to contend with.

We didn’t have a proper cafe stop as we were all too wet, just grabbing some energy bars from back pockets. Harvey and Paul and AN Other stopped to find a shop with some chocolate, so just four of us – Me, Bill, Liz and Steve – headed back out to Long Crendon and home. Bill blew up soon after, to be followed by Liz. Steve and I rode back through Stanton St John together where he headed off north and home, and I was left to my own devices for the remaining 6k back into Oxford and a nice warm bath :-)