Cycle 132km & new dynohub

Cycle 132k. Northleach & return. 4h40, HR: 137 (166max). 56% Z1&2

A grey, overcast day, but I’d booked the afternoon off work, and who wants to go christmas shopping anyway? :-). I probably worked a bit too hard on the way out through the Cotswolds to Northleach, but I haven’t done a long hard ride for a few weeks, so it was good to get a bit of a move on. Horrible greasy muddy lanes everywhere, and quite a bit of evidence of hedge cutting, but I managed to stay sunny side up and said a silent prayer to appease the p*nct*r* fairy :-)

As Chris had warned me a few months earlier, the Corner Green Cafe in Northleach is properly closed up (see picture). It’s often gone into hibernation about now, but this time it looks permanent :-(.  I’ll have to find an alternative coffee stop when I lead the club run out this way in February. There’s a cafe at the other end of town, but it looks a bit posh for a bunch of sweaty cyclists – I’ll check it out though.

As it was going to be getting dark on the way back it was a chance to try out my new Shimano dyno hub and Solidlight combination. The rim on this dynohub is a bit wider than the Mavic Open Pro I’d had built into my old Schmidt dynohub – a 23-section tyre was a tight fit and the strange tyre profile that resulted gave the steering an odd feel, although I got used to it by the end of the ride. I’d mainly chosen this combination because the Shimano dynowheel has more sporting pretentions (it’s only got 20 spokes) and the Solidlight is supposed to be a fit-and-forget LED light (I’ve blown quite a few bulbs on my old Lumotech+), with the added plus that at higher speeds it’ll draw more current from the hub and you get a 6W light out of it (the lumotech+ only has a 3W bulb in it). This seemed to work out pretty well, and I had plenty of light for the last hour. My only reservation is that the Solidlight doesn’t throw out any light sideways, so around town it’ll need to be used in combination with a “visibility” light.