Run 12km (Eynsham 10k) & Tango!

Run 12k total. Eynsham Roadrunners 10k. 39:38 (68th). 5k splits: 19:22/20:16. HR: 172av (179max).

Went pretty well for the time of year. It seemed to be quite a competitive race and the weather was good. I tried to just stride out the first half, but died a bit around the 7/8k mark, although being passed by a couple of faster runners gave me something to chase into the wind up the A40 on the second lap. Jules didn’t run as she’d had a bit of a cold the week before, but she came out to carry my bag, provide moral support and cheer me on :-D.

We went to see some tango music and dancing at the Pegasus Theatre last night. Tango:Nuevo, it seems to have some Argentinean roots. It was really very good indeed, and they’re touring at the moment – well worth a visit if they’re in your area. A quintet, Tango Siempre, provided the music and there were some excellent dancers. The music seemed to draw on many musical influences, not just tango: the intricate rhythms and counterpoint of Coltrane’s jazz and the modern music of a Penguin Cafe Orchestra were also present. I was particularly taken with the playing of the piano accordian – it’s an instrument my father was a master of, and it was great to see someone show us what it could do.